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People excellence

People excellence

We recognise people are the most important asset in any organisation and during turbulent times the relationship between organisation and employee can be severely tested. The current environment of increasing competition and customer expectations, combined with the digitisation and automation, has created a level of turbulence that is unsustainable.

We help clients respond to change and build workforces fit for the future by bringing together a comprehensive set of People Excellence capabilities. We empower people to perform at their personal and collective best.


Meet members of the team

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis

Director | People and process excellence | London

"The pace of required change is driving the need for greater organisation agility. We are seeing organisations responding to this challenge in various ways including the targeting of leaders, culture, ways of working and even organisation structures. Only the most agile organisations will compete successfully and so sustain growth in a competitive market."

Krystina Warrington

Krystina Warrington

Senior Consultant | People and Process Excellence | London

"Businesses often ask us what they need to do to become more agile and nimble. I believe the secret lies in the company's workforce. Learning and Development programs play an important role in changing the culture, skills and attitude of an orgnaisation from the inside and can have a profound impact on an organisation's performance."

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

Senior Manager | People and process excellence | London

"The war for talent continues. Employees are looking for more personalised workplace experiences akin to lifestyle experiences. The most innovative companies recognise this, addressing the evolving needs of their workforce at every point of the employee lifecycle. Why bother? Getting this right is win-win as engaged people power organisational performance."

Focus on your sector

Embedding positive change

Change inevitably brings uncertainty. We support people at all levels through the change journey to deliver benefits along the way. Baringa’s proven change methodology brings structure to organisational and personal transitions and helps embed positive new behaviours fit for business success.

Designing agile organisations

We bring industry insight, expertise and a practical approach to all aspects of organisation design to help clients stay agile. This helps clients: (1) Stay ahead in an ever-changing world; (2) Improve structure to deliver a vision focused on the right market areas; (3) Align business leaders with design principles

Developing talent

Talent management helps build an attractive environment in which people can excel. We encourage clients to consider if learning options are in line with employees’ expectations. Are people encouraged to fully deliver and is the culture diverse and inclusive enough to attract and retain the best talent?

Optimising HR functions

We work with HR functions of all sizes to add value and drill down into the following issues:  Does the HR function deliver the correct people strategy to achieve business objectives?  Are tools, such as data analytics and AI, being maximised?  Can efficiency and cost-effectiveness be improved?

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