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"The banking industry continues to fascinate me. From global institutions to credit unions, the change across industry is ever ongoing and diverse. Be it creating the banking workforce of the future, embracing new technologies to improve decision making, or reacting to societal change in bringing sustainable products to market, it’s a privilege to help our clients win in their chosen markets."

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Banking and financial services

Favourite films
Shawshank Redemption, Heat, In Bruges (impossible to choose only one!)

In detail: 

New York is where Ben's based today, but it's the fourth country on three continents that he's called home. His expat life started after university when he travelled to Japan to teach English. Stepping off the train for the first time was a bit of a culture shock, but it taught him resilience, empathy and an appreciation for diversity that shape the way he works today. 

Ben joined Baringa in 2010, when the global team was under 150 people. He loved the idea of growing the business – building something out of so much white space. And the people he met during the interview process (most still here) helped convince him that the culture would be a good fit.

As a leader in our banking practice in North America, Ben helps global banks adapt to change, improve the way they operate and develop for the future. Whether he’s redesigning a commercial bank’s lending activities or developing a five-year strategy for a global, corporate bank, Ben is always focused on what creates real value for his clients’ business. His teams are all about collaboration, team before self, and focusing on the greater good, rather than personal gain.

Ben’s proudest moment is being a part of Baringa’s US journey. He loves the all-in-it-together atmosphere, everyone building something that didn’t exist five years ago, and that will be completely different in five years’ time. They learn every day, there are plenty of challenges, but they’re building a legacy. And everything has an immediate, marked impact – every hire, every new client, every successful project delivery.

When he’s not working, Ben loves to travel and explore the world. He’s an avid sports fan, staying true to Newcastle United from across the pond and developing a growing love of US sports. In another life, he would like to be dinosaur hunting across space with a history book in hand, combining three of his geeky passions.

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