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"I’m passionate about helping businesses navigate challenging transitions to actively de-risk their current business operations and scale long-term, sustainable growth."

At a glance:

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Sustainability, climate change, social impact and international development

Favourite place
Chef or a pilot

In detail:

Darshan is a Partner in Baringa’s cross-cutting Sustainability practice, an area he’s been working in for 15 years. He’s passionate about supporting leading organisations to reduce their environmental impact, enhance their social impact, and deliver long-term commercial value. Fundamentally, he believes that moving forwards, sustainability will be fully integrated into business planning – and that it can, and should be, a revenue and profit enhancer, not a cost centre for business.

Darshan has worked extensively across Europe, Africa, India, and North America, specialising in developing long-term strategies for private and public sector organisations, building new business models, embedding innovation, and delivering large delivery programs at scale. He is also a strong proponent of collaboration – recognising that many sustainability challenges are not going to be solved by a single organisation, but rather, require broader partnerships to work across value chains.

At Baringa, Darshan works across energy, industrial, telecommunications, retail, technology, finance and the public sector. He applies his expertise to help them understand:

  1. What does your long-term future look like? What is going to affect your business over the next 20-30 years? What are the emerging sustainability threats, and opportunities, you need to prepare for?
  2. What are the products and services that will enable you to deliver that value? How can these be future-proofed? What are the business models that are required to continue to deliver value to customers?
  3. What does your organisation need to look like to deliver this vision at scale? What people, skills and culture do you need? How might your operating model need to function to empower this at pace and scale?

Outside of work, Darshan loves to spend time with his wife, two young children and two dogs, cooking as a way to switch off, and then to run (which helps even out some of the cooking). He is also a huge fan of Australian Rules football; a lonely pastime in the UK.

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