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"With so many challenges facing the industry, building agility into the supply chain is more critical than ever. AI and analytics play a role but the biggest opportunities lie in knowing where and when human and machine can be best utilized to create the nimbleness needed in today’s environment."

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Consumer products and retail 

Alternative career
Airline pilot – to travel the world and enjoy the freedom of flight

In detail:

As the son of entrepreneurs who ran wholesale and retail food businesses, Danny grew up immersed in the field he works in today. Even from a young age, he was fascinated by how to improve his parents’ business. After a degree in industrial and systems engineering, he joined an IT business during the dot com era building and serving digital products to customers. He then completed an accelerated MBA and went on to work in a range of consultancies optimising processes for retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers. As technology has evolved over the course of his career, Danny has been at the forefront, leveraging it to solve his clients’ business challenges in tangible and sustainable ways.

At Baringa, Danny helps retailers and consumer products companies to improve their supply chains. This ranges from optimising inventory for apparel companies, improving packaging and logistics for food businesses all the way down to the last mile, or using automation and AI to create agile planning capabilities. He loves seeing the shelves in his local shops filled with products his clients produce – bringing his work closer to home, literally. Over recent years, Danny’s work has risen up the agenda, as supply chain challenges have hit businesses across the world. Helping clients to navigate these issues is a huge challenge, but one that energises and inspires him. 

Danny is driven by helping his clients succeed, not only in their roles at their companies, but as individuals too. He’ll spend time upfront on projects making sure that he’s understood their needs and has formed a structured approach to solving them. He’s always looking for opportunities to build long term relationships with clients based on authentic engagement, trust, and by truly understanding their needs and motivations.  Together with his clients, he has helped several large scale manufacturers and retailers build the capabilities needed to address the challenges of industry consolidation, changing consumer behaviours and macro-economic shifts in the supply chain.  With cumulative results totalling hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits, he has helped many of his clients advance in their careers.

An explorer at heart, Danny recently covered over 100,000 miles across the US in an RV with his family over the last two years. Not only was this a chance to explore the hugely varied scenery of his home country’s national parks, it also helped him broaden his mindset and to appreciate the different perspectives of people across states. 

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