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"The CFO role has evolved. With their growing scope of responsibility that extends far beyond the purely financial, it is critical that CFOs demonstrate agility and resilience in responding to a dynamic economic, political, and social landscape. They must understand their position as stewards in driving organisational change."

At a glance:

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Primarily Financial Services, with experience across all sectors

Her favourite time of day, and why?

Morning time – it’s when she’s most productive and focused. Aneeka loves waking up early and having some dedicated ‘me’ time to exercise, get some fresh air and reflect on her goals for the day ahead.

In detail:

Aneeka’s keen interest in the world of Finance flourished through her study of Economics and Management at university and she decided to continue in this vein by becoming a Chartered Accountant.

With over 10 years’ experience across Audit, Finance and Consulting, working with senior leadership throughout, she has developed a strong grasp of the CFO agenda and the key priorities for Finance functions. Her continued curiosity to understand the mechanics of how different businesses are run and her roles in FP&A, Investor Relations and as a Finance Business Partner prior to joining Baringa have given her a broad range of perspective to supplement this.

At Baringa, Aneeka has led engagements in multinational firms with truly global teams, focusing on finance strategy and transformation, operating model and process design and implementation, process improvement, portfolio management and organisational governance. She embraces constructive challenge to ensure things are left in a better state than they are found in, generates innovative solutions to business issues and delivers valuable business and financial insights.

She adopts a ‘people first’ mindset, recognising the value of collaboration and that it is individuals who are at the heart of an organisation’s success. Aneeka carefully considers the impact of her recommendations from multiple angles before making them and is known for her approachable, empathetic style and clear communication to a range of stakeholders.

Aneeka is especially passionate about Wellbeing both in the workplace, where she has led several internal initiatives, and in her free time. She enjoys fitness including gym training and boxing, alongside exploring the London restaurant scene – it really is all about balance! She also likes to unleash her creative side, be it through cooking, interior design or crafting home-made gifts.

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