Alex Gurr, Partner, Global Lead Financial Services

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Alex Gurr, Partner, Global Lead Financial Services

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“My favourite projects are the ones that lead to enduring relationships, the kind where clients trust you with their most important changes.”  


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Whether he’s putting his pilot’s license to good use, 5,000 feet in the air, or taking the long view on client strategies as head of Financial Services at Baringa, Alex is someone who likes a clear, wide view.

Alex’s career, which spans more than 20 years in the financial sector, began in industry. He soon moved over to consultancy, before finding his home at Baringa. Since then, he’s been by the side of financial institutions large and small, helping them to weather a financial crisis and a pandemic, and to pull off seismic internal changes. Alex never thinks ‘what now?’ without also thinking ‘what next?’. By looking over the horizon, he earns trust, and builds lifelong relationships with his clients.

Alex’s approach is underscored by a unique blend of market knowledge and a belief in the power of financial institutions to shape society for the better. Sometimes that means making an insurance firm more sustainable. Sometimes it means helping a bank rise to a regulatory challenge.

This sense of responsibility doesn’t stop with clients. A key player in Baringa’s diversity and inclusion programme, Alex is passionate about bringing the best talent to Baringa and setting them up for greatness.

Out of hours, Alex can be found tearing up the track as an amateur motor racer, or unwinding at the end of a long week to an eclectic mix of Otis Redding, Pink Floyd, and Aretha Franklin.