In this episode Baringa’s James Constable and Anne-Laure Mersier are joined by National Grid’s Chief Data Officer, Gavin Goodland. Together they discuss data and digital innovation, including the digital spine. As a technology leader, Gavin talks about his career so far and his role in National Grid.

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About our host:

James Constable

James Constable, Expert in Power and Business Low Carbon Solutions, Baringa

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the energy industry, James has insightful discussions and interviews with leading experts and innovators in the field. Outside of the podcast, James spends most of his time supporting corporate clients develop and execute their energy strategies, B2B energy suppliers improve their offerings and helping developers to succeed in the market. 

Through the podcast, James uses his curiousity to explore the latest trends, technologies, and solutions that are driving the energy transition and shaping the future of the industry.

About our guests:

Gavin Goodland

Gavin Goodland, chief data officer, National Grid

"My career has been in both suppliers and buyers, across countries and continents. In this journey, particularly at the interfaces, you notice data opportunities lurking, and why I am fundamentally attracted to working on data challenges in the science and engineering domains.

Each of our business units across the US and UK have very active data agendas in their own right. Now recognising the need for a view of data capability across the entire organisation, the global chief data office has recently been created, under my leadership. I directly manage a team within our IT and digital organisation, with global responsibilities for data and analytics strategy, data architecture, governance and capability."

Anne-Laure Mersier

Anne-Laure Mersier, Expert in Digital Spine, Baringa 

With over 15 years of experience in large business transformations and IT-led initiatives, Anne-Laure's experience spans technology (including SAP), business strategy, and program management. Her expertise lies in orchestrating complex organizational changes and driving innovation to achieve transformative growth for large enterprises.

In recent years, she has honed her skills by shaping and establishing innovation practices. She is adept at creating and managing portfolios of incubating ideas and products, positioning businesses for scalability and sustainable success. Her passion for solving intricate problems and contributing to a better working world drives her commitment to deeply understand the business context of the organizations she serves. Anne-Laure’s customer-focused approach ensures that her solutions not only make a difference but also endure over time.

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