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Baringa Operational Risk Survey and Report 2020-2021 - Resilience Put to the Test

Baringa’s annual survey of operational risk professionals provides a leading benchmark and industry-led insight into the best-practices and ongoing challenges facing financial services providers across the world.

Operational risk professionals have been thinking about resilience for some time, and so the pandemic-related shock of 2020 provides an opportunity to review the effectiveness of policies amid real-world disruption.

If the goal is to create true organisational resilience, then embedding sound operational risk processes into a business must be the priority.

The latest edition (2020-2021) is entitled ‘Resilience put to the test’. It looks at the major priorities for risk professionals in identifying and managing operational risk in an ever-shifting environment, with a particular focus on resilience. The report provides insight into areas including:

  • How operational risk managers responded to COVID-19.
  • Anticipated team changes, trends in identifying and assessing risk.
  • Embedding operational risk management into an organisation.
  • How RCSAs are used most effectively.
  • Incorporating resilience into risk frameworks.
  • The future of operational risk management.

Read the full Operational Risk Survey and Report below.

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Full report

Read the full Operational Risk Survey and Report here.