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Helping London Olympics 2012 shine brighter

Rolling out smart meters across the athletes’ accommodation in the Olympic Village at the London Olympic Games 2012

Client requirement

Baringa worked with a UK Big 6 energy provider to bring smart metering technology to the London Olympic Games 2012. The objective was to showcase the opportunities of the – at the time - new technology, design trials to test a large-scale rollout, and involve the athletes as end-users of the smart meters in their flats. 

Baringa’s role 

Baringa defined the requirements for the meters and the in-home display units, as well as the short-range wireless network HAN that allows meters to communicate with display units. We acted as the interface with the meter manufacturer through the design, build and delivery phases, driving direction, quality and timeliness of delivery. We also designed and delivered an app for athletes to monitor energy consumption in their flats in the Olympic Village. 

Outcomes and Impact 

The project was an important step to demonstrate a smart meter roll-out across a large site. It allowed our client to explore potential constraints around the home area network, understand the integration of metering technology and supporting systems, and the impact of the app and the different user interfaces to engage end users in saving energy. 

The learnings of this pilot fed into their planning and design for the roll out of smart meters across the UK as part of the upgrade of the national energy system.

Anya Davis, Partner at Baringa Partners

“The project team did true pioneering work during the London Olympics 2012. The app was one of the first of its kind to explore the gamification of energy consumption, and the learnings provided policy makers and energy companies with tested strategies for the large-scale rollout of smart meters.”

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