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05 September 2021 22 min read

Leadership Dialogues - Data Management and Workflow Solutions

Welcome to our Leadership Dialogues, where we focus on rethinking financial services. We have been exploring topics across reinvigorating payments, refreshing customer journeys, and now rethinking the ecosystem.

In this video, Baringa's Lucine Tatulian speaks to Roy Saadon, CEO and Co-Founder of Access Fintech about data management and workflow solutions.

 As the financial services industry addresses new regulations and heightened competition, institutions remain focused on delivering efficiency improvements and enhancing their technology platforms. However, fragmented or partial data and manual processes arising from legacy systems mean increased costs and liquidity risk. At the same time, firms are also increasingly looking to modernise their internal processes and systems.


AccessFintech have a self-service ethos, bringing transparency, risk mutualisation and more efficient supply-chain management to the global financial services industry.


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