Last week, the UK’s Online Safety Act received Royal Assent, granting the final approval to a much-needed piece of legislation. The Act is a crucial step in the UK’s journey to achieving a safer online environment for everyone. It marks the first time that companies operating or based in the UK will be legally responsible for protecting citizens from illegal and harmful online content. 

This is a big moment. Many organisations will need to review and safeguard how they operate - from the identification and management of content under their terms of service, to how they report, prevent and act when there is risk of harmful content. And this is while balancing the requirements of the Act and audience protection with maintaining freedom of expression and vibrant, easy, online dialogue. 

These changes will not be easy, as many are acutely aware. Over the next two to three years, Ofcom will be consulting on codes of practice to determine the best way to translate the provisions in the Act into proportionate rules and regulations for online services in scope.  

Baringa are proud to be supporting clients to consider their responsibilities and be forces for good, including organisations at the frontline of what online safety means for young people and some of the most vulnerable in our society. 

This is a moving story and if you’d like to understand what this means for you and your organisation, or would like to know more about how to play a part in a safer online world, then please do get in touch.

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