Baringa's price projections from Guarantees of Origin are a new offering in our portfolio that can be used by investors, lenders and project developers to guide their investments, helping them to deploy capital effectively and to manage risk.

Guarantees of Origin are a key tool to show end users where their energy comes from, stimulating the transition to a low-carbon energy mix. Since they can be traded separately from electricity itself, renewable assets investors and owners can gain understanding how prices for Guarantees of Origin could develop over time.

We have developed a fundamental view on Guarantees of Origin prices. Based on our industry-leading fundamental market model, we project the supply and demand of Guarantees of Origin, accounting for renewable buildout, policy changes, and sector-specific electricity demand growth.

We use our research into decarbonisation targets of specific sectors to project future willingness to pay for green electricity, which can provide an additional revenue stream for renewable asset owners.

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