How do we leverage the latest technology to improve performance?

The pressure to digitalise operations is an ever-growing issue in the resources industry. Companies which can mobilise technology can steal a march on competitors – increasing efficiency, cutting emissions and reducing costs. Against this backdrop, Spirit Energy, an oil and gas firm operating across northern Europe, the UK and Netherlands engaged us to bring their business into the digital age. They were running several ‘Going Digital’ initiatives, but none had gained traction, and the leadership team saw that the business was missing opportunities. Could we pull the programme into shape so that they could catch up with their peers?

We scrutinised every aspect of Spirit’s business to discover digital opportunities

Over a twelve-week engagement, we set about designing a digital strategy to transform the business. Working side-by-side with a client team drawn from their technology, capital projects, operations and supply chain teams, we interviewed people across the business to uncover digital pain points, and opportunities to fix them. We ran client workshops with our network of industry peers to highlight best practice and set up a steering committee for the leadership team to update them on progress. Pulling together solutions across cloud storage, data analytics, automation, field mobility and data capture, we prioritised the highest impact solutions and presented them to the board to secure budget.

Acting as lead advisors as part of a multi-consultancy team, we instilled a collaborative culture, managing stakeholders to deliver their best work. We put people at the centre of the project – quizzing front-line users of technology on their experiences, frustrations and ideas. With their curiosity and willingness to get under the skin of Spirit’s challenges, our team reached insights that might otherwise have remained hidden. To secure buy in we ran a demo day for the leadership team, giving them the chance to experience the latest AR and VR tools, and appreciate what adopting them might mean for their business.

Going Digital – delivering digital value, optimising production and embedding skills

We’re now executing our Going Digital strategy hand in hand with Spirit’s teams. We’re unlocking value and deploying digital products to optimise production and reduce emissions. We’ve automated processes to reduce manual efforts and our ‘Digital Workplace’ initiative is improving collaboration and productivity. We’ve embedded the agile delivery skills that Spirit’s teams need to run and optimise projects in future. Within a short timeframe, we’ve enabled Spirit to catch up with its peers and given them a roadmap to capitalise on digital opportunities in future.

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"Baringa has provided valuable industry insights and digital expertise supporting our Going Digital journey. Their business oriented and collaborative approach is appreciated."

Arne Bjorlo, Digital Director, Spirit Energy

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