How do you best approach a multi-national, multi-year plan for purchasing power in the current climate?

Global energy markets – and the price of power – are creating a challenge for customers of all sizes.

When you’re a multinational telecoms provider– requiring large and growing amounts of power – ensuring you’re buying this energy at the right price, whilst also sourcing from renewable generation, can be a difficult undertaking.

That’s why, when our client was faced with the task of securing around 1 TWh of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) across key European markets, they turned to Baringa for support.

Unrivalled market data and deep PPA experience forearmed our client

We took a highly collaborative approach to working with the client team, right from the start. We understood the need to be a central part of the client’s engagement on their negotiations, not just a remote consultant.

To set them up for success, the first part of our remit was to arm their team with the right data, insights and analysis. This would enable them to approach each and every renewable power purchase deal from an informed starting point.

Given the scale of the task at hand – namely, the sheer number of developers to engage with and deals to value – we made sure to adopt a clear, structured approach to our work.

Gaining valuable insight and a trusted partner at the negotiating table

Not only did we provide the client with our cutting-edge energy market reports and data, we built a bespoke deal analysis tool to allow them to quickly assess the value of each deal as it was received from the renewables developers. We also helped triage and prioritise every opportunity with quick-glance deal dashboards, and reviewed the key commercial and legal terms of individual PPAs.

Most critically, we were sitting right there beside our client during these key negotiations with developers. Given the work we’ve done across numerous PPA projects, our experience was invaluable, and helped give the client the edge they needed to drive successful outcomes from these discussions.

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