How do you determine whether to invest in energy services, and how do you establish yourself in different markets?

One of the world's leading converged video, broadband and communications companies was considering a move into the energy sector. They brought in Baringa to address a dual objective: gain better insight into local energy markets in the six geographies where they operated and use that understanding to shape an energy services strategy.

We started by taking a deep dive into each geography

We mobilised a team to generate a detailed market map for all six geographies, including their customer segments (B2C, B2B2C and B2B) and available products – namely EV charging, solar PV, heat pumps and battery storage.

We compiled key trends by technology and market segment. We also assessed the regulatory landscape and the wider competitive environment, with the aim to better forecast future changes and impacts within the energy sector. We worked in close alignment with our client’s teams, leading workshops to present the context behind each asset and geography. 

These efforts allowed us to build the company’s view on the energy services market within their six geographies, allowing us to take the next step.

Identifying an energy services strategy

In the second phase of the project, we had to answer multiple questions. What opportunities should the company focus on? Which assets, customer segments and geographies should be prioritized? Were there interdependencies and phasing to be taken into consideration? 

The ultimate question at the heart of our work was regarding the business model. Which capabilities are key, and should they be built, bought or procured? 

From this foundation, our team shaped an energy services strategy from the ground up. We utilised the data and analysis developed in phase one of our work to define a target state. We clarified which part of the value chain the client should drive, as well as which services to offer and where. Finally, we outlined the steps to prioritise to deliver on the newly agreed strategy.  

With this thorough analysis of market impact and a deep understanding of the company’s assets and interdependencies, we shaped a strategy that they could count on to enter the energy services market with confidence.

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"The Baringa team played a significant role in deepening our understanding of the European energy services space across a range of technologies and business models, whilst helping us to elevate the strategic rationale in presentations to our executive committee."

Client CFO

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