How do you independently assess the governance and maturity of a multi-billion program?

With a vast portfolio of construction programs located globally, this computer chip manufacturer was on a journey to uplift the value delivered by its internal teams. Specifically, they wanted to assess the governance maturity of a multi-billion capital program for risk management, schedule management and change management. 

The company brought in Baringa to review key governance processes against industry best practices, maturity and value. They also asked us to advise on introducing digital tools to support these processes. 

We put change, risk and schedule management under the spotlight

Using Baringa Capital Project Capability Maps and Assurance Framework processes, we ran a detailed assessment of change, risk and schedule management processes. This allowed us to determine the maturity of existing processes against industry best practices, and to standardise processes across various stakeholder groups. 

Working closely with multiple client teams, we launched a desk-based review of all products, tools, reports and forums within the governance and control space. Through a series of confidential interviews, we brought together leadership teams, customers, vendors and delivery teams to align and agree on newly standardised processes. 

We also completed a thorough review of digital tools that could be deployed to support the new processes. We considered all available tools – including those already deployed internally – to help the company get more out of its existing technology landscape. 

Finally, we created and delivered a detailed report outlining the current level of maturity, expected level of maturity and complexity of the program, plus a pathway to fill identified gaps. 

Driving better decisions with clearer insight into governance and risk

Our report was presented back to the program leadership to help guide their decision-making. They gained a comprehensive, independent assessment of the governance and control framework in place across one of their largest capital investments.

We focused on all governance and control frameworks in place, with a special spotlight on the areas of greatest risk exposure – and provided a risk-based roadmap of recommendations to address these risks. Our team also introduced industry best practices back to the client, giving them clear benchmarks for improving future infrastructure projects. 

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