How can a UK building society deliver regulatory change while ensuring a great customer experience?

Our client, a leading UK building society, didn’t have much time to transform its customer-facing online channels. New regulations (Europe’s Payment Services Directive II) were coming, and our client needed to add new, strong authentication methods such as FaceID and one-time passcodes to their online estate.

To avoid fines, our client had to move swiftly. And because doing right by customers is so crucial to their brand, they also wanted to be sure the changes would be smooth, intuitive and secure for all, including the most vulnerable customers.

Compliance, with customer security and experience first

Baringa was called in to translate regulation into a clear action plan, and help the building society deliver a fast-paced but exacting transformation. Our role included definition, architectural design and delivery of technical solutions across online shopping, internet banking and mobile banking channels.

From the start, we saw that deep partnership would be key to delivering quality on time. Having identified the areas where our subject matter experts could be pivotal, we embedded solution architects, designers and scrum masters in client teams on site, and helped our client switch to an ultra-efficient agile delivery model.

Selecting the most innovative solutions in the market to secure customer transactions

Key to the project’s success was selecting the right security solutions.

Working with our client’s business and technical leadership, we did a market scan of industry security solutions. Then we ran pilots to test the capability of our shortlist, always balancing urgency with a diligent, ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach.

This enabled us to develop a suite of solutions covering every digital channel, with
capabilities built for reuse across entry points.

Built with tomorrow’s transaction volumes in mind

The scalable solution we helped put in place continues to enable business growth for our client today. It provides a secure and friction-free banking experience for over 16 million customers; manages over two million authentications a day via the mobile app and internet bank; and supports over 200 million online card payments a year.

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"Some consultancies would throw bodies at a project like this, but often the key to delivering impact at speed is giving a small number of the right subject matter experts the time, space and access to live and breathe the challenge."

George Kallarackal, Director, Baringa

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