I'm Phil Grant. I'm working in the power generation sector in Baringa.

The transition to a net zero economy will require a massive step change in the energy markets, and in particular in the ways in which we produce and consume energy. The deployment of large volumes of low-carbon forms of power generation will have a very significant role to play in all markets. Equally the way in which we store and use electricity will look very different in the next decade.

At Baringa, we have a long history working with many stakeholders: governments, policymakers, investors, lenders and developers of some of the most exciting and innovative forms of low carbon power generation. Increasingly, we're also helping large consumers, supermarkets, datacentres, and the global tech firms source low carbon power. This is creating new investment opportunities in the sector.

 Over the last five years, we've worked on around 40 power markets globally. Supported the development of around 120 gigawatts of renewable capacity. That's enough to power the entire UK.

The total investment costs run into billions of pounds. The markets are becoming increasingly complex for our clients, not least because of the volatile geopolitical factors that are shaping our sector.

What we really need is stability going forward to meet our decarbonization targets.

We are very proud of the work we do in the sector and deeply appreciate the trust that our clients place in us.

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