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India Hicks shares her story working as an analyst in our Commodities and Energy Trading practice supporting a global gas and oil client.

I spent my internship working on a research project for an Oil and Gas major, understanding how they calculated their emissions and what they were reporting alongside the competitors in the market. This research fed into a larger report that I completed when joining as an analyst. This report has recently been used in meetings concerning Greenhouse Gas emissions with some of the world’s largest emitters, even being fed up to the CEOs of these companies.

I was surprised by the depth of knowledge that I gained on the internship surrounding Trade and Emissions Reporting. I was working with two senior members of the Energy team who gave me fantastic support throughout, allowing me to learn very quickly and participate in client meetings. As an intern you are treated equally to an analyst, and given real responsibilities from day one, which gives you a great sense of what a permanent role at Baringa will be like.

Baringa has a real focus on maintaining social events throughout the year, from large biannual events to smaller monthly socials. This was no different on the internship and allowed us to get to know one another, creating a fantastic sense of community to join the company with following the internship. Since joining Baringa I have found it really comforting to be part of a cohort to navigate the first steps with and most importantly, I have genuine friends at work.

Baringa has an extremely welcoming culture, and as an intern you are encouraged to meet as many people in your Business Unit as possible, these conversations were always positive and insightful, resulting in a feeling of being part of the team by the end of the internship.

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