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Ibrahim Butt shares his day as a Baringa intern in Telco, Media and Technology.

8:30am: Joined a Baringa led Client Conversations call where we learn about some of the other propositions we have across the company and how we can pitch these to clients. On today’s agenda is some of our climate change offerings!

9:00am: I have a quick daily huddle with my project manager where we discuss any updates from yesterday’s meetings and what is on the slate for the rest of the week!

10:00am: I have a meeting with the Baringa and client team to go over some communication plans we are drafting as some of the client teams will be moving office locations and need to be introduced to their new workspaces. I helped draft certain sections so have the responsibility to present these to the client and answer any questions they might have.

11:00am: I make any necessary edits to the communication strategies and send them over to my Project Manager for her review. While she looks over them, I have an introduction call with a member of the TMT team and learn about their career journey.

1:00pm: I have lunch away from my computer for a break from emails and Microsoft Teams!

2:00pm: I have a meeting with the change and engagement team to check in with each workplace site lead to answer any questions they have on their transformation projects.

4:00pm: I begin work on an internship initiative, which is helping organise a session with the other interns where we can share our projects and engage in knowledge sharing.

5.30pm: I catch up with my manager to discuss the client meetings we have had, discuss any difficulties I faced and what is on the agenda for tomorrow.

6:00pm: I finish work and head to a virtual intern social where we play Among Us and order some of my favourite takeaway with a Deliveroo voucher that Baringa provided!

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