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"I am driven by making a tangible impact for society and am passionate about making this purpose a reality. I believe that by combining genuine relationships with economic problem solving, we can get to the heart of what matters for our clients."

At a glance:

Joined Baringa in
September 2023

Works across
Government and regulated sectors

Favourite book
Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

In detail:

Tilly spent the first 5 years of her career as an economist. There, she honed her passion for economics and its range of applications across the public sector - whether that be understanding the impact of the green agenda on UK employment; quantifying the impact of Brexit on the economy; or designing the regulatory approach including in nascent sectors. 

Tilly's desire to learn about the environment her clients operated in then led her to the Cabinet Office. As a Civil Servant, she led the team responsible for impact assessments, business cases and cost benefit analyses underpinning major post-Brexit border transformations in the UK. Her proudest achievements include leading the evaluation of the new national import regime - the Border Target Operating Model.

Tilly specialises in identifying the opportunities from regulatory change and implementing strategies to realise these. Underpinning all her work is a passion for joining the dots between the diverse perspectives of government departments and regulators, academics, industry and users; the expertise to make the technical tangible for key decision makers; and a drive to empower her teams to use this combination to make a real difference. Tilly has delivered MCA Award winning insights that addressed society’s most important challenges. Her work has been quoted in BBC News, The Guardian and The Times.

In her spare time, Tilly loves getting back to basics - whether that be spending time growing vegetables in her garden, creating pottery for her friends or going to the seaside in her camper van.

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