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"Technology has completely changed the hierarchy of needs. Of course, things like food and air will always come first, but they are now closely followed by the non-essential phone. Something most people couldn’t live without for a day."

At a glance:

Joined Baringa

Works across
The telco value chain

Favourite word
Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious – you can’t say it and not smile

In detail:

Roxanne is fascinated by how critical TMT is to people’s everyday lives, and the pace of change and scope for further evolution keep her excited. Her particular interest is designing organisations that work best for employer, employee and customer. While she focuses more on the people side now, she started with numbers, studying commerce and accounting before working for three of the big 4. During a short stint at a digital agency, she realised she missed consulting and joined Baringa to help start our TMT practice.

Roxanne works with companies in every part of the telco value chain. She helps them evolve and change into the shape and culture they want to be going forwards. This process usually comes in way of large-scale organisation-wide transformations. Recently, for example, she was the Programme Director for the UK’s largest HR transformation programme, involving the 100,000 employees of a telco giant. Roxanne was responsible for designing a new, simplified organisation structure and tracking the company’s transition towards it. The company went from 26 layers of hierarchy to 6, and both the employee and customer journeys with the company were made more efficient and effective.

Building Baringa’s TMT business over the last years has been an exciting journey for Roxanne. Assembling a talented and passionate team that’s been recognised by the FT in their annual ranking of UK Management Consultants is a proud achievement. As is Baringa being highly ranked as a Great Place to Work and #1 for Wellbeing.

Outside of work, Roxanne does a lot of walking, often exploring National Trust sites. She also loves to travel and try out local produce and spot wildlife – her favourite place to be is the African outback, surrounded by animals great and small.


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