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"Change is inevitable. To adapt and thrive in an increasingly volatile world, organisations need to focus on their most important asset – their people."

At a glance:

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Energy and resources, pharmaceuticals, telco, aerospace

Favourite Book
Willpower – Rediscovering the greatest human strength by Baumeister and Tierney

In detail:

Natalie started her career in the world of HR and is passionate about helping businesses solve complex challenges around people, leadership and culture. She’s always been fascinated by what makes people tick (she has a Master of Science in Business Psychology) and is happiest tackling big questions like how to embrace new ways of working, or how to fundamentally rethink organisational design or how to manage complex change.

Based in Munich, Natalie has worked with clients across countries – such as Germany, Norway and the UK – and across industries – from energy and pharmaceuticals, through to telecommunications, and even aerospace.

Natalie believes that to drive growth and respond to change effectively, organisations need to take a step back and truly put people first. Seeing the bigger picture and understanding purpose and joint mission helps organisations to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. The key to this, Natalie says, is collaboration, bringing together diverse strengths to innovate in a people- centric way, taking different and sometimes even conflicting perspectives into account.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to find Natalie training. She’s passionate about self-development from both a physical and mental perspective. In addition to taking courses on meditation, Natalie is much into fitness - be that crossfit, krav maga (a form of self-defence), or hiking in the Bavarian mountains. Volunteering and charity is another a cause that’s close to her heart. Natalie has been involved in a charity that helps to improve the life chances of underprivileged children in Ukraine, most recently providing aid to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Munich.

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