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"Britain can be a world leader in developing a decarbonised economy. To achieve this, we need to leverage a strong relationship between the private and the public sector while bringing citizens along on the journey. It’s a huge challenge, but an exciting one to be a part of."

At a glance:

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Energy policy and market design, market modelling, regulation and behavioural insights

What's your favourite word? Why?


Because life is more fun when you’re learning something new

What's your favourite book?

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari – It changed the way I think about humanity and our place in the world.

In detail:

Lewis Heather is an expert in energy market design and regulation with 15 years of experience across the length of the energy supply chains. Lewis started his career at Ofgem where he spent seven years developing wholesale and retail market regulation and policy. He then spent six years as a consultant at CEPA, working with a diverse range of energy market stakeholders including global public and private sector clients on energy policy, market design and market modelling.

Lewis’ work increasingly focusses on market design to facilitate the transition of the sector to net zero carbon emissions. He has recently advised the UK Government and other clients on the ongoing review of electricity market arrangements (REMA) and reform to market instruments such as the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference. He has also worked with clients to develop market structures which can encourage participation of low carbon and flexible electricity assets.

Outside of work, Lewis collects hobbies. He likes to dabble in various summer and winter sports, music, languages and travelling. He loves ‘getting up learning curves’, experiencing new things and developing new skills.

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