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"My two greatest passions are problem-solving and technology geekery, particularly around the ever-evolving art of the possible. I love that my work enables me to explore these in an industry that exists to educate and entertain. Seeing how the two combine and inspire each other is a constant source of fascination."

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I once ran a stage at a music festival in Thailand

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What do physics and music have in common? Joe Selwyn is a big fan of both. After building a career in technology consulting he then moved into the music industry before helping build Baringa’s Media practice. He has years of experience working on complex business and technology transformations at some of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies – right from vision and strategy through to execution and implementation. He takes a holistic view, considering everything from operating model, user experience and cost reduction through to agile delivery, technology architecture and data strategy.

One of Joe’s proudest moments was successfully managing a highly complex, one-month cutover in a tricky merger, anticipating and trouble-shooting problems along the way. Another highlight was leading an international media company’s implementation of a new bespoke commercial and advertising sales platform. It enabled the business to sell all of its products and services via a single consolidated channel with an unrivalled user and customer experience.

Through his work coaching and galvanising teams, Joe loves seeing the speed at which people’s mindsets shift from indifference to enthusiasm when the conditions are right. He finds this immensely fulfilling, strongly believing everyone has the power to achieve great things. He likes sprinkling his infectious energy in just the right places to inspire people to reach their full potential.

As well as being famed for his passion and enthusiasm, Joe is renowned for his authenticity, honesty and delivery excellence. He believes consulting should be about people – not just technology and methodologies. And he knows that technology transformation doesn’t need to be big, scary and cumbersome. It can be exhilarating, nimble and accessible if you engage with people in the right way.

One of Joe’s favourite memories is soaking up the serene atmosphere and reflecting on the world while staying at a temple in Koyasan high up in the Japanese mountains. His favourite book is Cat’s cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

And his favourite music? From Amon Tobin to Tool, or All Them Witches to Tune-Yards, picking just one artist (or genre) is an impossible task, but he’s always eager to collaborate on a playlist when searching for the next avenue to explore.


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