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"There are many challenges facing government that are constantly changing. The unknown will always be around the corner and the UK government always needs to be ready to act. This means having the right people and the right behaviours in place for departments to have the ability to respond quickly and effectively in moments of crisis."

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With almost 30 years’ experience advising government and driving tech-led transformation that touches our daily lives, public sector project delivery is part of Graeme’s DNA. He’s a tenacious problem solver, unafraid of challenging the status quo, who’s honed his skills on a huge range of projects. From counter terrorism to the London Olympics, tax system reform, border control and public health, there are few areas of public policy untouched by Graeme and his team. 

Graeme created and leads our government sector business, helping the UK government to solving its most complex problems. In recent years this has meant running projects to calm the pandemic’s perfect storm of a public health crisis, border and immigration restrictions and trade upheaval. Graeme’s team act as trusted advisors on the most critical of projects with very public deadlines. Despite the pressure, Graeme relishes the chance his role gives him to have the greatest impact he can on improving citizens’ interactions with, and experience of, government policy. 

Graeme believes firmly that the right people bring the energy to get things done. He assembles robust, resilient teams blending skills, experience and personalities. It’s never just about delivering, it’s about making the process interesting and fun for all involved. Personable, passionate and known for his calm head, wise counsel and sound values, Graeme has built close relationships with key decision makers throughout his career. He’s particularly proud of how his team helped to shape the UK’s pandemic response – rolling out Test and Trace and vaccines - ultimately saving many lives, opening borders and keeping trade flowing. 

Graeme has been happily married for 20 years and has three children, each rapidly progressing through teenage years. Happy to be a stereotypical MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra), his natural habitats are the streets and parks of London, either in trainers or on wheels, and occasionally with his trusty Labrador. Graeme is an active ambassador for UK Youth for 12 years, the largest youth charity in the country.


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