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"The opportunity for CFOs to create real value for their organisation has never been greater. They possess all the critical data necessary to inform and drive business decisions. With the advent of new CFO technologies and Artificial Intelligence, powered by cloud infrastructure, CFOs can finally make their destinies of becoming business advisors and Chief Value Officer a reality."

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Christophe is an ACMA (Chartered Management Accountant) with a wealth of experience in advising CFOs and Finance Change leaders in the Financial Services sector. Throughout his career, he has witnessed the ever-changing obligations placed on CFOs and the increasing demand for faster and more insightful finance functions from businesses. As a result, the pressure to ensure that processes, organizational design, talent, technology, and data meet the needs of all stakeholders has grown significantly.

Christophe's expertise lies in delivering long-term transformational value in Finance functions by leveraging the latest technologies and delivery methods. With a wide array of technology solutions, Finance architectures, and Data Strategies available, each with their own time-to-value and delivery risk, Christophe provides valuable guidance to clients in making informed choices. He particularly focuses on advising clients on how to achieve short-term improvements within a strategic context.

To ensure successful delivery, Christophe believes in bringing together multidisciplinary teams comprising both Baringa experts and client representatives. This collaborative approach ensures that the transformation journey is shaped by subject matter experts and the eventual owners of the solution.

Outside of work, Christophe enjoys spending quality time with his family and attending classical music concerts. He also serves as a trustee for several cultural and arts charities in London, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the community.

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