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"I’m a big believer that financial crime risk should be managed in a proportionate and targeted way – there really is no one-size-fits-all. Start with ensuring that your customer base aligns to your business strategy and focus on your customer’s experience, then improve your data and harness the power of technology."

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Financial crime across sectors

What superpower would you pick?
I’m an explorer and would love to be able to fly or breathe underwater.

In detail:

Cat is a trusted voice in financial crime, and she helps manage financial crime risk and compliance without unnecessary complexity. Helping clients across sectors to employ proportionate, practical, and pragmatic solutions, she works to help to reduce the impact of financial crime.

Cat’s early experience was in retail banking before she started her financial crime career when she first landed in the UK. Twenty three plus years later and she continues to help her global clients manage the challenge of evolving regulation while also being mindful of cost effectiveness.

Clients appreciate Cat for solving real problems rather than suspected or perceived ones. Cat has always worked in the typical Baringa way: side by side with clients and pulling a team of geeky experts together from risk and regulation, data and tech transformation; people who get a kick out of cracking tough challenges together.

She is also passionate about people development and creating inclusive and sustainable ways of working.

When she’s not busy running around after her two children, Cat loves being out in nature, walking, gardening, horse riding and travelling or enjoying reading.

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