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"Successful transformation programmes need leadership support and true buy-in. It’s about building trust and confidence with management teams to make them comfortable enough to lead and implement the change that will result in empowered, more productive teams."

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Energy and utilities IT and business change programmes

Career in another life

Vet – he’s always loved animals but would need to swot up in science!

In detail:

From his earliest summer jobs as an enterprising teenager, Alasdair has always loved making systems and processes work better. An early glimpse of how consultants worked convinced him that it was the career path for him. So, on graduation he joined a large consultancy, working in their energy team. After meeting with one of Baringa’s founding partners, he took the leap and joined Baringa. He’s worked in the energy retail sector ever since, running multi-disciplinary IT and business change programmes.

Alasdair helps energy retailers deliver better outcomes for customers, leveraging technology and streamlining processes to boost efficiency. This could involve improving the efficiency of field operations, booting customer service scores through process simplification, or helping two industry giants to merge into a leaner, smarter, more profitable one. While his projects span strategy, transformation, outsourcing and IT delivery, they share a common goal – giving customers better relationships with their energy providers. Alasdair has been hugely involved in the UK’s smart metering rollout, working with government, energy retailers and industry bodies to launch and deploy the new technology. He’s a firm believer that smart meters will drive a step change in customer experience and product offerings.

Alasdair thrives on bringing together high-performing teams and empowering them. He passionately believes in growth through hands-on experience, in learning by doing, failing fast to improve. Supporting the people he works with, gives them opportunities to step up and take on challenges that they might have found daunting. He’ll always be there by their side, to steer and offer support and guidance. Since joining Baringa 14 years ago, Alasdair’s built relationships with clients that endure to today – they know he always goes above and beyond to put their interests first.

Alasdair lives in South Bucks with wife Liz and three young daughters. A father of three very active girls, he spends most of his free time supporting their passions of gymnastics, hockey, horse riding, athletics and dance. A family of animal lovers, Alasdair’s house is also home to two dogs, three rabbits and two guinea pigs. There’s never a dull moment with such a full house!

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