Baringa's global gas model has been used to create three plausible supply and demand scenarios over the next 24 months. Each of these drive a possible wholesale price outlook. 

Key investor takeaways:

  • The supply and demand balance outlook remains highly uncertain creating a range of plausible scenarios on account of variables in pipeline supply and global LNG. 

  • Unmet demand risks are high in our downside scenario, including next winter, making supply security a relevant risk for the foreseeable future.

  • The most plausible central price outlook sees prices remain above pre-crisis levels out until the end of the forecast period in 2024.
  • While prices remain high in all but our low scenario until 2024, prices fall significantly from recent highs. With prices well below 150 Euro MWh in all scenarios by 2024.

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See our projected natural gas supply and demand scenarios, the required levels of demand destruction and what this means for gas prices.

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