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Can payments really play a role in creating a differentiated and distinctive customer experience?

The demand for customised and streamlined banking services is more important than ever. Allowing customers to do what they want, when they want, with simplicity and security is now assumed and unlikely to differentiate. In addition, the market is crowded with more choice than ever. A distinctive, seamless and engaging customer experience is vital to retain and attract new customers today and in the future. But is payments the answer, or is it really just the plumbing?

We were joined by industry experts who shared how payments has been a key driver in creating a differentiated and engaging customer experience in their businesses, including a few personal anecdotes:

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, Head of Global Payments at Silicon Valley Bank. Kathleen is a payments and Fintech executive who has worked with Fortune 500 through to Fintech challengers bringing expertise in customer experience and innovation.

David Chance, VP - Payments Strategy & Innovation at Fiserv. David is a leader in market and product strategy working with global financial services platforms to partner with large financial institutions, challengers and regulators.

Jana Mackintosh, Managing Director - Payments and Innovation at UK Finance. Jana has played pivotal roles in fostering payments innovation across the industry, particularly with regulatory and industry bodies throughout the UK and Europe.


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