10 January 2022

We set up JERA Global Markets' LNG trading platform from scratch in just seven months

When powerhouses JERA and EDF Trading were set to join forces and create JERA Global Markets (JERA GM), supporting them to smoothly establish a new trading platform and processes was top priority. Added to this, the herculean task of getting it done within seven months, well and truly threw the gauntlet down. In fact, the joint venture hung in the balance until the new trading system was live. Without our help getting the right system in place, the deal might just be off the table.

For this to succeed, we needed our best industry experts on the ground, working side-by-side with our client. This meant moving key team members and their families to JERA GM’s new base in Singapore. We knew this was so much more than just installing an IT system, we needed to meld together different international business cultures and make sure they were able to thrive long after we’d caught the plane home.

Completing the project successfully within deadline not only enabled the joint venture to go ahead, leading to the creation of the biggest global buyer of liquefied natural gas, but also created a cohesive and self-sufficient business.

“The choosing and implementation of a new Energy Trading and Risk Management system is obviously critical for an asset-backed commodity trader like JERA Global Markets. We are very happy to have gone through a successful program to set up Allegro Horizon for our LNG Trading activities and we want to thank our integration partner Baringa for their hard work in making sure we achieved this key milestone on time and on budget. Alongside our highly skilled trading teams and access to our shareholders’ and third-party customers’ key physical assets this puts us on track to become a leading global seaborne energy trader.” - Ronan Lory, Chief Operating Officer JERAGM