13 November 2017 5 min read

Facilitating mass market uptake of alternative fuel vehicles

What is needed to facilitate mass market uptake of electric, hydrogen and other low emission vehicles in GB?

Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)
The future of transport, and in particular the electrification of vehicles, has been a major focus for policymakers, car manufacturers and infrastructure providers over the past decade.
However, only one in three (34%) are willing to pay ‘a little extra’ for a 100% electric car compared to an equivalent petrol or diesel model. Less than one in five (18%) say they are willing to pay up to 5% more, while just 13% say they are willing to pay up to 10% more.

Client requirement
Baringa was asked to help ETI understand the challenges associated with mass market uptake of electric, hydrogen, and biofuel vehicles and support the design of a trial with ‘mass market consumers’ to better understand vehicle choices and charging behaviour. The findings were used to understand the impact of low emission vehicles on the wider energy system.

Baringa’s role
Baringa developed a holistic analytical framework to assess issues associated with low emission vehicles, and created and analysed a comprehensive set of scenarios using the framework. We identified gaps in current understanding to be explored via a ‘real world’ trial, and designed and created a detailed analysis of the commercial viability of an aggregator managing electric vehicle charging.

Outcomes and impact
The leading edge analytical framework provided a new and more holistic view of key considerations needed to drive mass market uptake of low emission vehicles. Our analysis explored a range of possible government and private sector interventions, and assessed how robust these are to external factors outside of their control. The project developed key insights and policy recommendations centered around a roadmap of actions for government and the private sector.
Oliver Rix, Partner, Baringa
“Decarbonising transport is a complex, multi-faceted problem. Baringa’s work for the ETI has helped to provide a clearer view of what is really needed to accelerate mass market uptake of electric and other low emission vehicles, supported by a robust evidence base.”