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08 April 2021 2 min read

Our commitment to Net Zero

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a collective response, and we believe everyone has a role to play. Baringa is committed to having a net-positive impact on the environment through outstanding sustainability practices - both internally and with our clients.

Our carbon emissions

For FY20 (1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020), our total carbon footprint for Scopes 1, 2 & 3 across all our operating geographies was 2.8 tonnes CO2e per FTE. We expect emissions in FY21 will be significantly reduced at around 1.1 tonnes CO2e per FTE (extrapolation based on April – December reporting) as a result of the lockdown restrictions and working from home across wide parts of the world.

Whilst this figure is comparable with other businesses in the management consulting space, we want to do much better and are putting steps in place to do just that.

Key points to consider for FY21

FY21 was an unusual year and our carbon emissions are not, therefore, representative of previous years. However, we have learnt how we can systematically collaborate remotely and virtually and we will be taking such lessons into the coming years to effect lasting emission reductions, particularly concerning business travel.      

  • Travel emissions were greatly reduced due to lockdown. In a typical year, travel emissions account for approximately 85% of total emissions, in FY21 this was 35%.
  • We are including emissions resulting from colleagues working from home during lockdown in our reporting, and they account for roughly 60% of our emissions footprint.
  • Emissions resulting from energy consumed in our offices reduced greatly as a result of switching to 100% renewable electricity in our London office.
  • Waste-generation is at an all-time low, as the calculation only accounts for the volumes produced in our offices. We diverted 100% of our waste from landfill and achieved a high rate of recycling (87%).


Baringa’s reduction targets

We have set reduction targets for the four most relevant areas of our business:


  • Carbon emissions: Continuously reduce Baringa’s global Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions per FTE and combine with credible offsets to maintain net-zero emissions. Particular focus is on proactively managing business travel emissions.


  • Water use – Promote responsible water usage in our offices to reduce annual consumption.


  • Waste: Reduce all waste created by our business, promoting re-use and recycling wherever possible.


  • Supplier management: Use sustainable suppliers and work with with sustainability-considerate customers downstream.














Our Offsetting Strategy

As of FY21 we are Carbon Neutral with respect to our Scopes 1,2 & 3 emissions and will continue to be every year hereafter.

Our absolute priority is to first reduce emissions, and only invest in offsetting where we cannot fully remove sources of carbon in our operations.

Through our offsetting strategy, we are looking to prioritise not only the permanent removal of carbon from the atmosphere, but also to deliver a wide range of additional benefits aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet members of the Net Zero team


Silas O’Dea, Partner Sponsor

"At Baringa, we are committed to achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability and to minimise the impact of our own operations on the planet, whilst also supporting the global battle against climate change through our client-work.”

Megan Claverley, Sustainability Manager

“We believe everyone in Baringa has a role to play in making us more sustainable. We want to develop the right business practices to ensure we are continuously improving and delivering on our targets, whilst at the same time create opportunities for all colleagues to make a difference.”

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