In our latest Global Energy Perspective, we analyse the credibility and durability of US state-level climate policy, with a spotlight on the states at risk of rollback.

The USA produces 15% of global CO2 emissions. The recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act seeks to reduce this by investing $369 billion in climate spending and energy security over the next ten years. However, the success of this policy is contingient upon state level actions.

Baringa's Global Energy Perspectives Team have conducted a credibility and durability assessment of the US's state-level climate policy in response to the upcoming midterms. 

Watch Caspian Conran discuss which states are at risk of rollback:

For more information on the contents of our latest Global Energy Perspective or how Baringa can help your organisation, please contact Nick Forrest or Caspian Conran.

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Key takeaways from the US state-level credibility and durability assessment. Which states are at risk of rollback?


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