Baringa and Eaton, a global intelligent power management company, have published a report that examines the value of Electric Vehicle charging flexibility.

This report, which was commissioned by Eaton, details new Baringa analysis which shows that depending on how the EV is charged, the potential flexibility value of an EV could top £1,000 per year for many homeowners. 

Our analysis covers four different archetypes across the Residential and Commercial sectors and models various scenarios for each archetype, with some based on one-directional grid-to-vehicle smart charging, and others based on bidirectional charging (vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid). All of our scenarios have been modelled with and without the advantage of on-site renewable generation from solar panels.

In our ‘Standard’ scenario, which is based on bidirectional charging in addition to smart charging, drivers could enjoy a flexibility value in excess of £700 per year even in the minimum case. For businesses that access flexibility value for fleet EVs, the benefits could be many times higher.

For this flexibility to be fully realised, EV and EV chargepoint owners need to be able to access all possible value, through bidirectional chargers, rooftop solar, and aggregated participation in system services markets. At the point of writing vehicle-to-grid charging is not widely permitted, with few EV models capable of bidirectional charging.

The transition to realising the value of this flexibility will require innovative retailers, who can wrap all the facets of flexibility into a consumer-friendly package, innovative manufacturers, who can ensure the availability of the necessary hardware, and an innovative power system which welcomes a potentially enormous quantity of flexibility.

Download our Executive Summary below or to read the full report please click here.

For more information on the contents of our latest report or how Baringa can help your organisation, please contact Ryan Thomson or Anjali Armstrong.

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