As part of our Global Energy Perspectives we’ve analysed the state of the energy transition through the lens of the four largest global emitters.

Key investor messages: 

  • The Ukraine Crisis has altered the geo-economic and political environment profoundly. 
  • These events underline the vulnerability of the transition to macro forces. 
  • These developments have the capacity to alter the trajectory of the energy transition, being a stimulant in some markets whilst an inhibitor in others. 
  • Investors should continue to monitor these risks and review their strategy when determining their exposure to energy transition in different markets. 

The EU:

Read our full report.

The US:

Read our full report.


Read our full report.


Read our full report.

For more information on the contents of our latest Global Energy Perspective or how Baringa can help your organisation, please contact Nick Forrest or Caspian Conran.

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