Can we help a global biotech company with its mission to deliver the future of medicine?

A global biotech company asked us to help them to achieve their vision of the future of medicine - connecting diagnosis, remote patient monitoring and medicines. The company’s two divisions, drugs and diagnostics, were running different approaches to product development. With this approach the client was missing opportunities to offer patients the best solutions for their conditions. Could we build a new medical compliance team and design common processes to support the development of integrated solutions that would help patients diagnose, monitor and treat their conditions better?

We built trust with pilot programmes, gathering feedback from 2,000 stakeholders across the world 

We worked with stakeholders at every level and across global offices, from Chief Medical Officers to Development Leads, clinical trial and commercialisation teams. We knew the processes shouldn’t hinder the development of standalone products but be invaluable when there was an opportunity to develop an integrated solution. We identified and wrote plans for four key areas: policies, processes, capabilities and technology. Then we ran two sprints for each, first defining the business objectives, then specifying the skills and experience we needed for the new team. We helped our client to recruit and train the team, and finalised the processes needed to bring products from multiple departments to market together with them. 

We put people first, working directly with over 150 stakeholders. We ran pilot programmes with these teams to test and refine the processes we were designing over multiple iterations. We took our concepts and plans on roadshows, using open mic sessions to gather input and feedback from a further 2,000 employees. By involving the broader organisation in this way and asking for input we built trust, engagement and support for the changes that would result from the project.

Innovative drug and device combination to improve patient outcomes, and a team ready to deliver more

We tested the new processes during the pilot to bring together a drug product with a medical device to manage drug delivery based on clinical measures. This solution reduces the number of hospital visits patients need to make and allows them to manage their condition better. We’ve trained and recruited the new compliance team, who are now supporting the development and delivery of integrated solutions independently. The client now has the processes in place to deliver compliant solutions to patients across their markets. 

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"The Baringa team are fantastic – in addition to really understanding our business they are very quick in adapting the project to the situation in hand. I really like to partner with them."

Project lead, Global Head Medical Compliance

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