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Henning Bottger

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Email: henning.bottger@baringa.com

Henning joined Baringa in 2007 and has been a consultant to the energy and resources sector since 2004. He has built up extensive experience in traded power oil, and gas markets through work with governments, investors, developers, producers, traders, refiners, suppliers, and large consumers. His core expertise is across commercial and business model definition, margin improvement identification, asset optimisation and valuation, and portfolio risk management helping clients manage their portfolios in line with their risk appetite whilst enhancing its value at the right cost.
Clients value Henning’s passion for the energy markets, as well as his pragmatic approach to working with them to solve their problems and identify new opportunities within their core markets and further afield either along the value chain or in adjacent markets. Henning helps clients identify and realise new opportunities and adapt to changes in markets driven by regulation, competition, and emerging technology. His insight across the entire value chain enables him to join the dots between policy, technology, and market fundamentals to bring the best commercial and risk advisory support to his clients.
Outside of work Henning lives west of London with his wife and two children with whom he spends most of his free time driving from one play activity to the next. On the rare occasion that he is not busy with his family, he enjoys watching (less playing these days) any type of sport.  

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