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David Hatcher

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Email: david.hatcher@baringa.com

David joined Baringa Partners in 2012 with two remits: 1) to help drive the growth of the Energy Retail and Utilities practice and 2) to lead the development of our '€˜Customer'€™ service line. David has 15 years consulting experience working predominantly in the Energy Retail market but has also worked across the insurance and oil sectors. His specific area of focus and expertise is in the '€˜Customer'€™ area helping organisations improve both the profitability of their customer relationships as well as the service they are able to offer.

David particularly enjoys working with organisations to help them define their future customer focused ambitions, specifically in the areas of commercial optimisation, sales effectiveness and customer service. David brings a wealth of insight and experience to this as well as a way of looking at businesses in an uncomplicated and pragmatic way that ultimately makes the outcomes deliverable.

David lives in London with his wife, Kate and two young children.  He is therefore rapidly acknowledging that he can no longer be termed a '€˜sportsman'€™ and that taxi driver, entertainer and financier are more suitable terms.

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