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Leveraging the smart revolution - opportunities for energy businesses

13 Jun 2014

The roll-out of over 53 million smart meters over the next seven years is a huge and complex challenge. But smart is about so much more than just rollingout meters. If suppliers and distribution businesses use the smart meter roll-out as an opportunity to fundamentally review aspects of their operating model, then the smart roll-out has the potential to impact the whole energy value chain.
As the number of meters on the wall increases, we are moving towards an environment where there is a critical mass of smart-metered sites and a wide range of benefits and opportunities are close to being unlocked. And, with the focus increasingly on the customer, there are competitive opportunities to pursue for companies that are geared up to do so.
In this Viewpoint, Baringa's Ysanne Hills and Isabel Scott-Skinner examine the steps which can be taken on the route to competitive advantage.


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