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    11 Aug 2017

    Brexit: Impact on interconnectors infographic

    Please click here or on the image below to find out more about the imposition of tariffs to reduce benefits to consumers.

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    08 Aug 2017

    Large Energy Users

    Baringa Partners hosted a breakfast roundtable discussion on 27th July 2017, attended by a group of thirteen multi-national Large Energy Users (LEUs) from a range of sectors, including energy infrastructure, fast moving consumer goods and media.

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  3. 12 Jul 2017

    GDPR: Trust and Competitive Advantage

    With so much focus on GDPR compliance, David Blackwell, a partner in our Data Analytics and AI practice, talks through how firms by making an extra effort, can make great strides towards success by engendering customer trust.

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  4. 10 Jul 2017

    Relocation, relocation, relocation...

    With firms considering their Brexit options, we look at which European financial centres are looking likely to win jobs from London.

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  5. 22 Nov 2016

    A Fractal View of Lean

    Based on his Lean Competency System Level 3 Programme submission, this innovative article by James Lascelles provides an illuminating and thought-provoking perspective on lean using fractal thinking. He argues that the approach has several advantages, such as enabling a more rounded definition of lean, helping engender positive team work and engagement and can lead to more effective implementation at different organisational scales.

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