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    22 Nov 2017

    Energy Trading Operations and Technology Summit 2017: Wrap Up

    This year’s ETOT has once again brought together leading energy trading companies to discuss the future of the industry, covering a range of key topics across both business and commercial drivers as well as energy trading technology, innovation and regulation. Baringa was delighted to be part of the Summit once again with Andrew Singleton, a Partner in our Energy & Resources practice, presenting our thoughts on the Energy Trading Revolution, where the underlying shifts in the markets require companies to refine their business and IT models to benefit from these changes as well as adapt to operate in a more nimble way.We have consolidated the key themes from the event that resonated most with the attendees and which we feel should be at the strategic forefront of those active in the energy trading industry.

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    09 Nov 2017

    CASS tools for the FRC Assurance Standard

    Year 1 of the FRC Assurance Standard was tough, and expensive (average minimum increase in Audit costs of 55%), but for many firms (73%) the preparation of the necessary documentation proved beneficial to their organisation. With this in mind, what are the key drivers behind the use of a software tool, rather than the tried and trusted method of multiple spreadsheets?

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  3. 30 Oct 2017

    Sharing insights on the challenges and opportunities around GDPR

    Following our recent roundtable with Energy and Telecoms and Media firms, where we discussed the current challenges and opportunities for competitive advantage in responding to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we show the key themes of concern and whether participants saw the potential upside.

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  4. 19 Sep 2017

    A guide to the people impacts of Brexit

    Brexit, and the anticipated associated loss of passporting (the ability to freely conduct cross-border business), could lead to the erection of implicit trade barriers for financial firms trading into the European Economic Area (EEA). The FCA identified that over five thousand non-EEA institutions currently reside in London and utilise one of the EU’s “passports”. ​Consequently, firms must now consider how to restructure their businesses in order to ensure continued market access. This could mean setting up or relocating hubs to a location within the EEA, which will demand an increase in EEA-based operations and personnel. These changes will require legal, regulatory, process, operational and physical changes. They will also mean the movement of tens of thousands of jobs.

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  5. 06 Sep 2017

    2017 annual CASS survey report

    Baringa Partners today publishes its 2017 annual CASS survey report.

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