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    20 Feb 2018

    SMCR Roundtable

    The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) extended to all FCA solo-regulated firms: Implementation challenges for the Wealth and Asset Management industry where one size won’t fit all.

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    28 Jan 2018

    GDPR: The new frontline in corporate reputation

    Many companies across all sectors are struggling to prepare for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But why is this, given we have known for years that such an historic change was coming?

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  3. 12 Dec 2017

    Future of gas 2020-2050 in the changing energy landscape

    Baringa Partners hosted a roundtable discussion on 23rd November 2017 in partnership with EUROGAS (European gas industry association), National Grid (international electricity and gas company and operator) [1], and with the support of ENTSOG, (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas). The event was attended by over 30 senior European energy industry stakeholders with investment, utility, academic and regulatory backgrounds who reflected on the question: what is the future of gas in Europe? 

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  4. 22 Nov 2017

    Energy Trading Operations and Technology Summit 2017: Wrap Up

    This year’s ETOT has once again brought together leading energy trading companies to discuss the future of the industry, covering a range of key topics across both business and commercial drivers as well as energy trading technology, innovation and regulation. Baringa was delighted to be part of the Summit once again with Andrew Singleton, a Partner in our Energy & Resources practice, presenting our thoughts on the Energy Trading Revolution, where the underlying shifts in the markets require companies to refine their business and IT models to benefit from these changes as well as adapt to operate in a more nimble way.We have consolidated the key themes from the event that resonated most with the attendees and which we feel should be at the strategic forefront of those active in the energy trading industry.

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  5. 09 Nov 2017

    CASS tools for the FRC Assurance Standard

    Year 1 of the FRC Assurance Standard was tough, and expensive (average minimum increase in Audit costs of 55%), but for many firms (73%) the preparation of the necessary documentation proved beneficial to their organisation. With this in mind, what are the key drivers behind the use of a software tool, rather than the tried and trusted method of multiple spreadsheets?

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