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    11 Oct 2018

    2018 annual CASS insight survey report

    Baringa Partners today publishes its 2018 annual CASS Insight survey report.

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    03 Jul 2018

    London charges ahead on electric cars

    New research from Baringa Partners reveals that Londoners are the most positive in the UK about going electric. Its new report, Is the UK ready for electric cars?, shows that more than two in five (41%) Londoners say they are likely to consider buying an electric car the next time they buy a car, compared to the national average of less than one in three (30%). 

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  3. 11 Jun 2018

    Machine Learning for Financial Crime Professionals

    Machine learning has the potential to revolutionise the current industry approach to Financial Crime. There has been a lack of innovation in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and sanctions technology since it was first introduced at the turn of the century – for many organisations it is simply no longer fit-for-purpose. Machine learning offers the opportunity to identify financial crime more accurately and efficiently, whilst improving customer experience and reducing reputational risk. In order to harness this potential, financial crime professionals must develop a ‘working knowledge’ of this discipline.

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  4. 05 Jun 2018

    Is the UK ready for electric cars?

    The future of transport, and in particular the electrification of vehicles, has been a major focus for policymakers, car manufacturers and infrastructure providers over the past decade. In 2010, the Nissan Leaf became the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric car. Since then, there has been a big shift in attitudes and policies around electric vehicles. UK Government targets set after COP21 in Paris in 2015 included a commitment for almost all vehicles to be zero emissions by 2050. And in 2017 the Government announced that it wants to ban the sale of conventional vehicles by 2040. The Committee on Climate Change advocates for even stronger policies, advising that in order for the Government to meet its commitments on climate change, 60% of the UK’s car and van sales should be electric by 2030. And over the last year, well known car brands have become increasingly committed to the electric cause – for example, Ford, the best-selling carmaker in the UK today, plans to have 40 electrified models in its global lineup by 2022 while Volkswagen, the second best-selling carmarker, is targeting 80 electrified models by 2025. 100% electric cars have been heralded by some as the solution to the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry. Running purely off a battery and not requiring petrol/diesel fuel, they can help lower carbon emissions and reduce the NOx and particulate emissions that are causing serious health problems in many urban areas, and are also less expensive to run. However, 100% electric cars currently make up only a percentage (0.1%) of the UK’s total car fleet. It will be up to consumers how fast that proportion grows.

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  5. 30 May 2018

    Financial Crime: Compliance by design

    Complexities in regulatory agendas – as seen recently in the differing approaches to Iran – continue to prove difficult to navigate. Despite a slowdown in wholesale regulatory change in financial crime, there is now an even greater focus on financial institutions (FIs) demonstrating the effectiveness of their controls. In parallel, it is becoming evident that next generation technology is a key enabler to stepping up the effectiveness of controls and improving operational efficiency.

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