Baringa and Electricity North West working together to deliver a new Network Management System

16 Feb 2016

Baringa Partners is proud to be working alongside Electricity North West in delivering one of the most innovative and exciting smart grids projects in the UK – the delivery of a new Network Management System (NMS) that will support UK PLC transition to a low carbon economy and provide leading functionality that will benefit customers.

Baringa’s partnership with Electricity North West’s Network Management System Programme spans over two years, Baringa have acted as a key advisor during procurement and vendor selection and now work day to day with the Electricity North West team in delivering the new solution and helping the business prepare for the benefits and changes that the NMS solution will bring.
This project and those like it are key in enabling the UKs energy infrastructure to be able to accommodate the challenges of a low carbon future. The benefits to Electricity North West and its customers include an enhanced ability to accommodate low carbon technologies on their network, improved network resilience and faster fault restoration times.
For more information on Electricity North West and its NMS project please view the following video created by Electricity North West here or on the image below:

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