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    14 Nov 2018

    How to sort out Data Analytics and AI: Making machine learning real

    There is, if truth be told, an awful lot of b******* talked about machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and robots with lasers in their eyes. Before I go any further and add to that sprawling corpus of nonsense… anyone who can be bothered to scroll down my Linkedin profile can see that I have a law degree and was a strategy consultant for a big chunk of my career. I can’t code for toffee and have never re-wired anything. I don’t really even like computers very much (the first one I ever had caught fire).

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    13 Nov 2018

    Benefits management: Bringing power to the people

    For most organisations, executing rigorous benefits management is a people-driven process – requiring multiple cycles of analysis, critique and decision-making. Having the right people involved, with the right skills and incentives, is critical for effective benefits management and value-driven decision making.

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  3. 12 Nov 2018

    The secret sauce to monetising flexibility in energy trading

    Earlier this month, I was invited to join the Energy Trading Operations and Technology (ETOT) conference where 200+ guests represented the UK energy trading market. In my keynote, I spoke about the impact of prosumers and electric vehicles on energy trading markets, and gave an outlook into how an AI-driven trading world could look like.

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  4. 12 Nov 2018

    The Great InsurTech Debate (Part 1 of 2) – Is Insurance failing its customers?

    Two weeks ago I attended the Great InsurTech Debate hosted by InsTech London. With a panel of 11 speakers from global insurers, venture capital firms, management consultancies and established InsurTechs, including Zego, Bought by Many, Trov, Insurtech Gateway, Novidea and SAS, debating if the insurance industry is failing its customers, the event promised to be a good one!   

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  5. 07 Nov 2018

    Benefits management: How to avoid unwanted surprises

    CEOs rarely like surprises. Particularly not bad ones. However, more often than not, leadership teams can find themselves questioning why a change that has delivered the planned outputs, hasn’t delivered the expected business outcomes.

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