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    17 Aug 2017

    GDPR: The confusion over consent

    How do I prove I have obtained consent? What about marketing lists obtained from third parties? Is there any time limit to consent…? A survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that 71% of Marketeers were most concerned about how GDPR affects marketing consent. Article 79 states that infringements of the basic principles of processing ‘including conditions for consent’ will carry the highest level of fines (- £20mn or 4% of turnover) – so firms need to seriously consider how they will be consent-compliant, and soon…

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    16 Aug 2017

    Are media brands going OTT?

    Walt Disney announced exciting plans last week to launch a video on demand (VOD) streaming service in the US, withdrawing their support from Netflix [1]. What’s behind this strategy and will others follow suit? In this blog, I take a look at the effect of over-the-top content (OTT) partnerships on big brands in media.

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  3. 03 Aug 2017

    GDPR - Securing your fundamental rights to privacy

    The incoming GDPR includes some brand new individual rights as well as important changes to existing ones. It aims to strengthen and protect the rights of data subjects, giving them the ability to enforce these rights and, therefore, more control over their data.

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  4. 01 Aug 2017

    Amazon, the next live sports broadcasting giant?

    With the launch of its new ‘pay per channel’ television offering in the UK, Amazon have taken a step towards the subscription model consumers have been crying out for. Offering its customers an opportunity to pay only for the individual channels they want to watch constitutes the next logical model in the paid television sector. The move is likely to cause a ripple through the industry, yet other than the sole inclusion of Eurosport within the 40 channel offering, there is a noticeable gap in terms of sports coverage, instead with a focus on movies and entertainment programming.

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  5. 31 Jul 2017

    Brexit: ESMA tightens screw on Asset Manager cross-border delegation rules

    ESMA has provided new guidance for national regulators on how to treat the delegation of functions post Brexit. With Asset Managers facing the loss of passporting rights, the prospect of delegating crucial front office roles back to London from an EEA entity offered the industry insulation from the Brexit challenges faced in other financial sectors; most notably in Banking and Markets and Trading.

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