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    26 Apr 2018

    Bioresources competition: Where there’s muck, there’s gas

    The topic of sludge trading is not one that results in repeat dinner party invitations, but it is an exciting place to be in the water industry just now. As companies look ahead to the next price control period from 2020 – AMP7, a fundamental change is happening in the operation of the bioresources (historically “sludge”) part of the industry.

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    25 Apr 2018

    Living in a MiFID World: Baringa sell-side survey

    Baringa surveyed sell-side institutions, to gauge industry expectations for the changes that MiFID II will bring about. With deep and sustained impacts resulting from multiple topics, responding to MiFID is not just about becoming compliant. How firms work towards meeting the strategic challenges, alongside the broader pressures from continued technological change, will dominate strategic planning over the coming years. This will require a shift in perception: from MiFID II as a regulatory programme, to MiFID II as an engine for business change.

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  3. 23 Apr 2018

    Does your organisation suffer from leadership waste? - From traditional to transformational

    There have been myriad books written on leadership styles, personality assessments and interpersonal relationships.  If we bring it back to the fundamentals, once we as individuals have met our basic needs (think Maslow’s Hierarchy), we aim to fulfil our psychological and self-fulfilment needs. What this translates to is a desire for belongingness, a sense of accomplishment, and to achieve full potential. Tying this into the workplace, an organisation’s realisation of full potential is to satisfy the customer.  In our experience, firms who have transformed their style to be more agile and less controlling tend to get the most out of their employees, reduce leadership waste, and ultimately provide better customer experience.

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  4. 19 Apr 2018

    Three areas Water Utilities can achieve best practice in their management of customers in debt.

    With preparations for PR19 now well underway, the second of our three-part Billing and Collection in Water series looks at how Water Utilities can optimise the management of their customers in debt. At the heart of PR19 is the drive toward more affordable bills, and great customer service, both of which fundamentally depend upon a high performing Billing and Collection function. Ofwat has set, what some consider, some of the “toughest ever” regulations, with the most significant focus on debt reduction seen in recent Price Reviews and supported by some eye-opening statistics:

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  5. 17 Apr 2018

    Traditional retailing in a digital world

    As a Retail Business Consultant, I’d recently returned to work after taking a five year career break.During this time, retail disrupters had decided to take over the world (well, almost), and I was reading about stores without checkout tills, robots in warehouses, drones being developed for faster deliveries…

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