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The Media sector is undergoing a seismic shift as it moves from the traditional to online. Newspapers, magazines, books, music, TV, film, gaming - the whole sector must deliver services in an integrated and interactive physical and digital world.

Media businesses are re-designing their operating models, processes and underlying technologies to allow their content to be commissioned, produced, distributed and monetised across multiple devices and channels.

The move to digital is shifting the economics of the whole sector. New entrants in social media and ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) players are growing, innovating and threatening existing business models. Convergence between Telcos and Media companies is driving significant competition for customer spend in local and global markets; there is enormous opportunity in this sector as it continues to evolve and drive new services.

Baringa’s consultants work closely with their clients to create their digital strategy, and implement the changes needed for seamless multi-channel services and operations. We model markets, understand the impacts of new entrants and opportunities for them, and help shape pricing and propositions. We design and help deliver new operating models, organisation changes, systems and process improvements as well as driving cost efficiency through the business.

Viewpoint: Navigating Mergers and Aquistitions - advice for the Telecoms and Media industry 


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