Wealth Management

For a number of years now, Wealth and Asset Management firms have faced a series of far-reaching challenges; ranging from broad regulatory change and scrutiny regarding conduct and restructuring, to increased need for operational effectiveness and heightened competition, and increasing digital demand from clients.
The swathe of regulations across the industry and increasingly digitally-driven investment services have resulted in significant pressure on profit margins. As the industry wrestles with legacy system issues and poor levels of integration, new entrants are starting to offer low cost services with more nimble open banking platforms.
As digital services become more prevalent, firms are under huge pressure to ensure data is protected from cyber security threats, reporting is accurate, transparent and flexible to change. The way client data is organised and presented is becoming a real differentiator for businesses to understand their client, regulatory bodies to understand reporting and risk, and clients to take advantage of their investment services.  
We help wealth management firms:
  • Respond to regulatory demand
  • Deliver digital services supported by technology platforms and data optimisation
  • Develop revenue and growth strategies to increase margins
  • Reduce costs through operational process excellence across front, middle and back-office functions
  • Support business separation and post-merger integration activities.
Wealth and Asset Management Regulatory Guide



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