Large deposits and low-risk revenue streams have given corporate banking a revitalised role in global banking.
However, there are three big challenges: 
  1. Banks must adapt how they serve their customers, so they can offer a great experience, regardless of where they are in the world, or how they get in touch
  2.  After years of growth, often through mergers and acquisitions, banks must streamline their operations, and operate more efficiently
  3. Banks must deal with a large volume of new regulation and regulator intervention. Their licences and their reputations are at stake if they get things wrong, and the cost of mistakes can multiply if they touch different countries.
We work with banks to achieve a single view of corporate customers across products and geographies. We shape their digital strategies so they can offer innovative online payment and banking services to corporate clients. We also help them:
  • Develop systems and processes
  • Evaluate the choice of products on offer
  • Monitor and comply with new banking regulations.
Banking Regulatory Guide​

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