Integrated energy strategies

Energy accounts for a significant proportion of a water company’s running costs.

Managing an increasing complex portfolio of assets and succeeding in a volatile market will require companies to develop capabilities to run an “energy company within a water company”.

A joined-up approach delivers benefits through technical, financial, and organisational elements, across energy sourcing, generation, efficiency, demand management and load shifting.

Rising consumption, energy price fluctuations and an increasingly complex energy market are driving water companies towards an integrated energy management approach.

The mantra to “Consume less. Buy less. Pay less per unit” will become more important to hit challenging cost and performance targets, as well as planning for the future. Companies are refining their approach, whether it’s a simple energy supply procurement discussion or an integrated prosumer approach.

Alongside traditional initiatives, companies are considering new and different approaches, from innovative generation technologies, self-supply strategies, non-regulated investment and energy value-based operation of plant and networks.
Baringa’s leading expertise in energy markets, combined with our deep and practical understanding of the water sector, is helping our clients build a closer working relationship between these two sectors.

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