Companies are delivering against challenging savings targets: flat or falling bills, rising costs and uncertainty continue to create a squeeze on spending. Maintaining performance and managing risk needs to be balanced with operating more efficiently.
Demonstrating an efficient operation is critical to a successful determination for future regulatory periods. On top of current targets, companies are also starting to evaluate the scale of the efficiency challenge from 2020. They are looking at how transformation programmes will deliver further savings.
Baringa are well placed to support companies achieve these goals:
  • We understand where the majority of costs sit in a water company, and the levers that can be pulled to deliver savings
  • We know that efficiency is a journey, with periods of diminishing returns and investment requirements to find further opportunities
  • We have a deep and practical understanding of delivering improvements in customer services, field operations, asset management, energy and debt. We know what can be claimed and what is eventually delivered
  • Our delivery experience helps us to structure programmes for success.
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