Power generation

There is a shift globally towards different power generation technologies with a surge in the development of renewables and flexible forms of generation, gaining market share at the expense of large carbon-intensive plant.  This transition is happening at different rates with local resources, market structures, politics and fundamental demand influencing the pace of change. 
The change in the mix of technologies is leading to the expansion of small-scale and decentralised power generation. This is opening up the sector to a wide range of new participants, right down to the domestic customer.
The opportunities in the power generation sector are substantial.  But the complex interplay between markets, and national energy policies makes the investment environment uncertain.  We help investors and asset owners evaluate their opportunities and risks.  We work with generation companies to develop effective business models, to enable market entry and create new revenue streams. 
We deploy leading-edge market and asset models, combined with deep sector expertise, to advise on valuations, contracting and risk management strategies and to undertake economic, commercial and regulatory due diligence.
We advise governments on energy policy, analysing the likely impact of different regulations and financial incentives on future investment and plant retirements.
We also advise system operators, such as National Grid, on the implications of different generation mixes, particularly the expansion of variable renewable output, the costs of transporting electricity and balancing the networks.

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